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How may images found on HighImpactStockPhotography.com be used?

If in doubt about how an image may be used contact us first before ordering.

Most importantly: Images of recognizable individuals, property or trademarked material are not for sale for commercial use without first obtaining a signed release from the person or owner depicted regardless of what usage category the images are listed under.

Examples include (but are not limited to) athletes at sporting events, team owned vehicles such as hydroplane boats or show aircraft, images showing recognizable faces, trademarked buildings. We may be able to obtain written permission from the person/owner depicted in an image if you contact us regarding use of a particular image. If we are unable to obtain written permission from a recognizable person or owner of recognizable property then the images may not be used for commercial purposes.

Such images are still available for personal use (such as a marathon runner ordering an image we shot of them while we were working for the event), or for editorial use (such as a newspaper or magazine needing an image to illustrate an article) or for educational use (such as a library or school needing an image to illustrate a lecture).

Some images we take extra care in authorizing their use. If an image is marked in our galleries as "Authorized Use Only" we will need to obtain permission from the individual depicted in the image regardless of what the use is for (personal, editorial, educational or commercial). If we are unable to contact the individual and obtain permission for a specific use we will be unable to authorize any use of the image. In which case the images is only intended for use in our website as a photographers portfolio image for display purposes only.

Examples of images which may not be used for commercial purposes without permission:

Recognizable person                         Recognizable property                        Recognizable people + Recognizable trademark (mascot)

Examples of images which may be used for commercial purposes:

Unrecognizable person                       Unrecognizable property                   Nature/Wildlife

What is a model released or property released image?

A model or property released image is one which depicts a recognizable person or property that is associated with a person or a business (such as a hydroplane race boat, a show car or even a trademarked building). Such images may be used for personal, editorial or educational use without a release.

Such images may only be used for commercial use when the depicted person or property owner has approved of such use in writing. If we do not have written permission for such use for images in our galleries we may be able to obtain permission in some cases. If we are unable to obtain permission we will not be able to license such images for commercial use.

What does commercial use mean?

Commercial use of an image means an image is used to endorse or imply endorsement of a product or service. This includes but is not limited to use of an image on a company's website, advertising and product packaging.

Any images of recognizable people or property which is identified with a person or business may not be used for commercial use unless we have obtained written permission from the depicted person or property owner.

Why is there a photo of myself or my property on this web site?

That depends on what gallery you have found such an image in. If you found an image in an event gallery, we photograph a number of local sporting events where large numbers of images are taken to document the event. Such images are generally intended for personal use (such as event participants ordering prints of themselves shot during the event) or for promotional use of the event. Images may also be made available for editorial use in magazine or news articles. Such images are not intended to be used for commercial purposes and will not be sold for commercial purposes without written permission from the person or property owner.

If you have any questions or other issues regarding images found on the website contact us.


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