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Q: I can't log in to download an image.

A: Download links are temporary. They are active for one week. If your order was placed over a week ago, contact our sales department.

If your order was placed within the one-week limit, first double-check your login userid and password to make sure they were typed in correctly in lower case with no extra characters or spaces. If you still have problems or your browser does not display a login dialog box, try using a different computer or web browser and try rebooting your computer. If it still does not work (we sometimes have to change passwords for security reasons) contact us for assistance.

Q: I ordered a [Medium, High or Ultrahigh] resolution image and the download link to the image does not work.

A: You will initially be given a Low-resolution image regardless of what resolution you ordered. Medium, High, and Ultrahigh resolution images have to be manually processed by our staff and uploaded to our server as they are ordered. Normally this is done the same business day; however the image will not be ready immediately after ordering. You will be notified by e-mail when your higher resolution image is ready to be downloaded. Ipix 360 images are interactive images and do not have a low-resolution preview.

If your download links appear "broken", your order just has not been processed by our staff. Please wait until you are notified, or contact us for turn around times.

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