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You can get a discount up to 30% off your High Impact Stock Photography purchases by referring us to seven of your friends and acquaintances. Anybody can use our referral form to tell others about our site. There is no obligation to purchase.

Discounts are only applicable to purchases of our downloadable stock photography on this web site (www.highimpactstockphotography.com). Discounts are NOT applicable at our CafePress shop (shirts, mugs, calendars, etc.).

For each unique and deliverable e-mail to a person you refer below, you will get a 4% discount (or 30% off for all seven). After you submit the form, your discount code will be created. Discount codes may not be combined.

We send out only a single e-mail to each of your referred names on your behalf. While we do review each submission, we do not store your referred names, add them to our opt-in lists, or give your referred information to any party.

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