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"Thank you!! Everyone at our national headquarters (Kinko's, too) wanted to know "who" did the proposal layout. I told them proposalkit.com! I don't know what I would have done without Proposal Kit."

Kristen Howell
American Red Cross of Florida

Do you or your company sell a product or service that requires you to formally pitch those products and services to prospective clients? Are you having to pitch a project to management, respond to an RFP or fund a new business venture?

Proposal Kit is the most comprehensive collection available of business proposal templates, sample business proposals, project estimate spreadsheets and pre-written contracts for any type of business.

Proposal Pack collections of business proposal templates can be used by any business. Companies ranging from accountants and janitorial services to web site developers and government agencies use Proposal Packs to write their business proposals and respond to RFPs.

Proposal Kit business proposal and contract solutions. (Click here for the Proposal Kit site)

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"[Proposal Kit] got me a job which was well coveted by over 20 other firms"

Brandon Tisherman, Creative Director, Tish 3d, Ltd.

"Within 3 days after purchase, I secured a major contract for a CD-ROM and follow-up live webcast"

Kate Conners, Fourth Canyon Productions.

"It has helped us win bids over some larger competitors simply based on
the professionalism and thoroughness of the presentation"

Frank Bisono, Hypermedia Productions, Inc.

"I've already spotted three or four important clauses that our existing client contract overlooks."

Kalena Jordan, Web Rank Ltd

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