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Stock photography is available in five standard resolutions. Actual pixel dimensions will vary slightly and may be larger on one dimension. Images are supplied in JPG format (Maximum quality), 24 bit / 8 bits per channel, Adobe RGB (1998) profile, unless requested in another format.

Licensed images do not have the High Impact logo watermark embedded in the image. Only the gallery preview images include a copyright protection watermark.

Image Size License Fee Pixel Dimensions DPI Dimensions Megapixels
Low $29 + 640x480 72dpi    8 "   x 6 " .3mp
Medium $59 + 1280x960 300dpi  4 "  x 3 " 1mp
High $99 + 3000x1960 300dpi 10 " x 6.5" 6mp
Ultrahigh * $199 + 4300x2800 300dpi 14 " x 9 " 12mp
Original Capture ** $299 + varies varies 4 - 12mp

* Ultrahigh images may be originally shot or scanned at 6mp to 12mp size, then expanded using Altimira's Genuine Fractals. Newer stock photography may be originally shot at 12mp dimensions. Please inquire for specific images.

** Original Capture are the original medium the image was captured in. For 35mm slides, a slide duplicate or 12mp original slide scan can be made available. For digital capture, the original camera Raw NEF file can be sent. Original Capture images give you the maximum flexibility over control of the final image. Original Capture images are not cropped or digitally altered in any way and may vary from the preview image in the web site gallery.

Special 3-for-2 Offer - License two DOWNLOADABLE stock photos and get a third one free! Add any three images to your shopping cart and when checking out, the lowest-priced image will be listed as free. This works for all multiples of three; you get six images for the price of four; nine for the price of six, etc.

Photo prints are available for most images in five standard sizes. Actual dimensions and colors will vary slightly. Photo reprints are custom made for each order. Our prints are made by a commercial quality digital photo lab on high quality Fuji Crystal Archive Paper in Matte and Glossy finish. If you are ordering prints, read the Photo Reprint EULA terms and conditions. Shipping and Handling costs are $8.00. Prints are shipped UPS Ground to United States addresses only (no P.O. boxes).

Photo prints do not have the High Impact logo watermark embedded in the image. Only the gallery preview images include a copyright protection watermark.

Circular fisheye images will be printed as squares at the lower dimension (i.e. 8x8, 11x11, 16x16, 20x20, 30x30).

Standard Size Cost
8x10 $59
11x14 $99
16x20 $149
20x30 $199
30x40 $299

Usage definitions - Each image will fall into one of the following three categories described below.

Read the entire End User License Agreement (EULA) for a complete understanding of how our material may be used. Following are condensed descriptions of the types of licensing available and do not constitute the complete license details. Click the links below to review the complete license agreements.

IMPORTANT: Images of recognizable individuals, property or trademarked material are not for sale for commercial use without first obtaining a signed release from the person or owner depicted regardless of what usage category the images are listed under. Click here for details.

Royalty-free EULA - Royalty-free images are non-exclusive rights to use a specific image. Images may be used multiple times by the licensee. Images may be used only in the production of other works and may be used only by one or two individuals in the same company. Images may not be transferred to other parties. Images may not be resold as stock photography or photo reprints. Example: Inclusion in a book, magazine, commercial product packaging, etc. is permitted. Reselling an image as a stock image or freely distributing an image to other parties is not permitted.

Royalty-free Authorized Use Only EULA - Same as above, except that before being licensed the usage must be pre-approved. License fees are the same as listed for that image on the web site. Examples are shots of specific individuals who require pre-approval of any usage of their likeness. Before an Authorized Use Only image can be used, you must first provide us with an exact description of where and how the image will be used and by whom it will be used. After approval, the downloads for higher resolution images can be sent. If an image usage is not approved and you have already made an online purchase, your order can be credited towards another image or canceled.

Rights Managed EULA - Our rights managed images are single use rights only. The prices are the same as listed on the web page for that image, however, they are not royalty-free. The license cost only covers a single use of the image. For example, it may be included in one commercial product but it may not also be used to illustrate a book without purchasing an additional license.

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Image identifiers provide more details about an image. Each image will have one or more identifiers.

Identifier Meaning
[ac] Captive animal
[cr] Captive release - captive animal allowed to roam in natural setting
[dc] Digital composite (multiple images combined together digitally)
[dm] Digitally manipulated (more than standard touchup), significant alteration
[de] Digitally enhanced (standard color correcting, spot touchup, etc.)
[di] Digital illustration
[ipix] Ipix 360
[mx] Multiple exposure
[pc] Photo composite
[mr] Model release
[pr] Property release
[no mr] No model release
[no pr] No property release
[35mm] 35mm original slide capture
[mf] Medium format original slide capture
[lf] Large format original slide capture
[do] Digital original capture (unspecified size)
[4mp] 4mp digital capture (Nikon D2H)
[6mp] 6mp digital capture (Nikon D1X)
[12mp] 12mp digital capture (Nikon D2X)
[20mp] 20mp digital capture

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