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Copyright 2012 Ian Lauder (Rights Managed EULA)
License is for one time use of this image.

 Black Rock City Burning Man 2012

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Image Identifiers: Digitally enhanced (standard color correcting, spot touchup, etc.) 12mp digital capture (Nikon D2X)

Black Rock City, Nevada

Black Rock City Burning Man 2012

Images from the art and music festival Burning Man in Black Rock City in the Nevada desert. Images in this gallery are not for sale or distribution on-line. Contact the photographer for potential image use for anything other than personal use. Permissions may need to be obtained by both Burning Man and any individual/artist featured in the image.

Location Shot: Black Rock City, Nevada

Photographer: Ian Lauder

Date Shot: 2012/08/31

Keywords: special, event , burner, brc


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